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About the Group

The African Studies Group (ASG) is an association of researchers with interests in African studies hosted by the University of Melbourne. ASG provides an enabling platform for informative and supportive collegial discussions. It meets once a month, and it is open to scholars of African descent, other scholars and the general public.

As part of our commitment, ASG engages with a range of activities which include among other things; seminars, community engagement and conferences. We cover contemporary thematic areas such as gender and African feminism, demographic dynamics in Africa and its implications, social media and conflicts etc.

We crown our activities each year with an international conference that draws on academic and practitioner experiences to explore deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in a cosmopolitan Australia.
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Active and committed members are the heartbeat of the African Studies Group, as they contribute to convening monthly seminars, social events such as barbecues, workshops and international conferences. Moreover, their diverse heritage, interests and experiences add vibrancy to the group, thus making it one of a kind.

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